Whudderin Heichts  at Aberdeen University Library

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MAY 2024 at the Sir Duncan Rice Library Weds 22 May 6-7 pm   THIS WEEK
Free but please book by email for access to library
The two owersetters will read briefly from the book and discuss the work involved


Whudderin Heichts at Garioch Heritage Centre, Inverurie Weds 29 May 2-3pm NEXT WEEK

MARCH 2024   Two more authors join Fiction Direct : Geoff Sawers and Tom Bryan. Tom is a longstanding writer from Canada and Scotland, and is presenting his retrospective short stories including published and unpublished stories. His book will be FD6.
   Author of FD5 is the remarkable writer, artist and guru Geoff Sawers. We have his book in the queue - a short queue -- after Whudderin Heichts. Will be out by early summer. More soon!

   Maureen Weldon has  sent a review of Morelle Smith's Beyond the Lion Gate, and Morelle, who is abroad, has sent photos of her talk about the book. Check them in the news and reviews pages.

Whudderin Heichts will be out soon and there will be events, in Scotland at least, for this book. We may offer one at Haworth, we'll see. Emily Bronte's extraordinary book has been owerset (translated) into Doric, also known as Aberdeenshire Scots, by Sheena Blackhall and Linda Smith. We are delighted to announce we have a grant from the Doric Board towards this project, to cover the authors' printing costs. This is an encouraging development because it could give options to other prospective Fiction Direct authors, who might find suitable grant opportunities with their local councils or Arts organizations. Such grants would be for the authors, to enable the printing.

Get onto us if you have written (or nearly finished) a good novel, want a real book and are stuck. We work co-operatively. We now have eleven authors (including Emily Bronte), and, prospectively, SIX GOOD BOOKS, which isn't bad for the whole undertaking and the first idea being less than a year old.
I have just looked it up and the entire plan began in May 2023